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What exactly is school?Edit

School is supposingly the start of life. It ranges from Preschool (some start in Kindegarten) to College(if you feel like going). In Preschool, it is extreamly easy to pass. In Kindegarten, you learn about addition and subtraction and this is supposingly easy too. First Grade is the first "number grade". It's a review of Kindegarten with a few minor changes. Yet, it is suposingly easy. Second Grade seems to be the same thing. This time, you probably learn about multiplication and dividing. It is also easy. Third Grade is the grade that becomes harder. I can't exactly remember what I did in Third Grade but I do know that it's an add on to Second Grade. This is also the starting point where gossip and fads begin. Fourth Grade is a lot harder but not educational wise. It's harder because there are these unspoken rules that divide you into social classes which is pretty obvious. Gossip about random incidents and friends who turn thier backs on you. Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade is full of the social life of Fourth Grade. Seventh Grade is the transition from Elementary School to High School. Here, you have to prepare yourself for High School. Gossip increases as well as unspoken rules that suddenly appear out of nowhere. For example, just because you are a certain race, you have to know other people who are the same race. Homework piles up and you will discover who is your real friend or not. In Middle School, people start having parties. High school is the same as Middle School --- except with drugs and random parties where people get pregnant and pretty stoned. If you manage to survive Highschool and be"sucessful", you will either go to College, which is a lot better than High School with a lot of intellegent people or you drop out with a High School Diploma. In that case, you get stuck at a dead end job.

In Short, School is repeating itself over and over again and is full of really strange customs.

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